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Executive Council

❱❱ Structure ❱❱ Assigned Committees ❱❱ Past Presidents

The Executive Council consists of the elected officers of the Association, an ASHA legislative councilor (if not an officer), an Associate member, and a student associate member (the latter two appointed by the president). The Associate member, student associate member, and ASHA legislative councilor do not have voting rights. The Executive Council implements Association policies and makes all decisions not specifically referred to the membership in the Association bylaws. All committees of the Association are responsible to the Executive Council through the officer to whom they are assigned. The Executive Council is ultimately responsible to the membership for the management of Association moneys and programs.


  • To exercise general management of the affairs of the Association as charged by the bylaws.
  • To implement Association policies and make all decisions not specifically referred to the membership in the Association bylaws.

2016 Executive Council Roster


Cindy McInroy, Bloomington Public Schools

President Elect

Melissa Lonsky

Past President

Pete Amberg, Big Stone Therapies

Vice President - Audiology

Kerry Witherell

Vice President - Communication

Kelly Hungaski

Vice President - Education Issues

Emily Aust

Co-Vice President - Health Care Issues

Maxine Slobof, M.A., Hennepin County Medical Center
Allison Isenberg, Courage Center

Vice President - Finance

Jessica Weiche

Vice President - Professional Development

Judith Gelderman, Advance Therapy

Student Representatives

Angela Cowles

Lobbying Firm

Ewald Consulting

  • Contact: Phone: 651-290-6260 or Fax: 651-290-2266

Past Presidents


Name (*deceased)

1936-1938 Arnold Carlson*
1939 Myfawny Chapman*
1944 Spencer Brown*
1944-1945 Katherine Thorn*
1946-1947 Patricia Johnson*
1948-1949 Margaret Pearce
1949-1950 Ernest Henrikson*
1951 Hildred Schuell*A
1952-1953 Frank Lassman
1954-1955 William Fletcher*
1956-1957 Robert Pierce*
1958-1959 Clark Starr*
1960-1961 Wayne Stutelberg*
1962-1963 Pacy Friedman*
1964-1965 Richard McDermott
1966-1967 Eleanor Swanson
1968-1969 Philip Collins*
1070-1971 Frederic Darley*
1972-1973 Donald Wafler*
1974-1975 Richard Helgeson
1976-1977 Michael Johnson
1978-1979 Anne Seltz
1980 Beverly Strong
1981-1982 Kathe Yoss
1983 Diane Sineps
January 1984 - June 1984 Julie Scherz
July 1984 - December 1985 C. Robert Bradshaw
1986 Lois White
1987 Lorie Schulstad
1988 Roberta Kreb
1989 Janet Jacobs
1990 John Hatten
1991 Karlind Moller
January 1992 - June 1992 Patricia Wahoske
June 1992 - December 1993 Mary Weise
1994 Martin Robinette
1995 Carole Roth
1996 Michael Howitz
1997 Rita Mueller
1998 Linda Hinderscheit
1999 Anita Kozan
2000 Connie Hinnerichs
2001 Meredith Boo-Carol Henderson
2002 JoEllen Andersen
2003 Patricia Hargrove
2004 Sarah Sweeney James
2005 Leslie Glaze
2006 Mary Garrison
2007 Jeanne Juenger
2008 Katherine Widestrom
2009 Melanie Theis
2010 Lisa Porte
2011 Anne Lindgren
2012 Lynette Carlson
2013 Marilyn Fairchild, Sarah Angerman
2014 Jeremy Braum
2015 Sally Gorski
2016 Pete Amberg

1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252, St. Paul, MN 55114
Phone: 651-290-6292 Fax: 651-290-2266

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