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» From the President

» Partner-Augmented Input in the Classroom: Bringing Modeling to Your School

» ACE Award Listing

» Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

» Client Recognition: Sherry McVary

» 2017 Spirit of MSHA Award: Nancy Thul

» Honors of the Association: Don MacLennan

» Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Bonnie Berg

» Client Recognition Award: Isaac Kolstad

» Patients, Doctors Gather for Flash Mob to Showcase New Voices

» MSHFoundation Donations Gratefully Received

» Welcome, New Members

» The Minnesota Speech Language Hearing Foundation Needs Your Help

» Change in Association Management

» From the SLP-AC and A-AC

» Job Well Done

» Calendar of Events

From the President

Thank you for a great Convention!

My writing is here, but all of the attention should be on what happened at convention in Mankato and the amazing people that were some part of it. Highlights follow in the rest of this newsletter.

The convention committee, chaired by Megan Mahowald and Sheen Chiou, brought a variety of professional speakers from across the state to present on a variety of current best practices. Many times people request national speakers for convention, but the expense for them is usually outside of MSHA’s budget if we want to keep convention affordable for you to attend. Plus we have a wealth of information right here within our borders provided by professionals that know Minnesota educational criteria, healthcare systems, insurance issues, etc. This year’s presentations were stellar examples of this.

There were a record number of posters at the poster session and new this year awards for poster presenters! The Friday luncheon was highlighted by the MSHF scholarship awards, and MSHA recognition with the Lifetime Achievement, Honors, Spirit and two client awards (see the pictures of all here in this newsletter). The student/CFY video award winner shows us that there is some hidden talent out there. And the addition of many social events made the non sit-and-learn time tremendous fun for meeting new folks, and having the annual get together with co-workers and long time friends. Thank you to the Minnesota State Mankato department staff for showing off their state of the art new digs, and to the Aphasia Choir for showing us all that determination and spirit is boundless especially through musical expression.

But most important to me was the opportunity to hear the input from across the state gathered by the Policy Council representatives at the open forum following the Friday lunch. This was a new format this year and one we will do again next year. It is the biggest opportunity to hear the joys and challenges of others in your part of the state, and to find there is great commonality amongst us all across the state. Thanks also to all that stopped by the MSHA Leadership booth to share with us.

So if you didn’t make it to convention this year – you really missed out. If you didn’t make it to the annual business meeting at breakfast Saturday the pdf of the presentation is here in the newsletter. Take a few minutes to see what MSHA IS DOING FOR YOU! All the committee chairs and ASHA Liaisons gave short updates. This presentation is probably one of the best ways you can let non-members know what we do on behalf of ALL SLPs and Audiologists and the clients they serve in the state. It is also available on the home page of the MSHA website.

So….I WILL see YOU next April in Bloomington! Until then, regards,
Cindy McInroy, President

Annual Business Meeting and President's Message 2017
View the PDF

SAVE THE DATE! Partner-Augmented Input in the Classroom: Bringing Modeling to Your School

  • Date: Friday, September 15, 2017
  • Time: 8:00am-4:30pm
  • Location: Educational Services Center, 1350 W 106th St, Bloomington, MN

Request professional development funds now so you can be sure to attend this upcoming session!

Teams of SLPs and OTs or teachers are recommended to attend together, but not necessary. Ideas can be applied in the clinical setting as well, so healthcare professionals are encouraged to consider attending.

  • Registration: $120.00 per person
  • Presenters: Jill Senner, PhD, CCC-SLP and Matthew R. Baud, MS, CCC-SLP

Evidence-based research supports the use of partner-augmented input (PAI), also known as aided language modeling, as an intervention strategy for individuals who use AAC. There are multiple benefits of modeling AAC use, but how can this be done effectively in the classroom? This intermediate-level, full-day session is organized to introduce participants to an 8-step, evidence-based instructional program for teaching various school staff to model AAC in the classroom. This session highlights a variety of interactive training elements used to teach or refine modeling skills. Participants will learn the steps involved in conducting communication partner training in their schools and will be provided with resources to enable them to implement the program.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a speech generating device (SGD), emulation software or iPad for use in hands-on active learning segments.

Participants will be able to:

  • List three benefits of providing partner-augmented input.
  • List at least four input strategies to use when providing partner augmented input.
  • Identify at least three components of successful classroom staff training programs.

Workshop registration includes a binder of forms, articles, and training materials, plus a copy of the Infinitec Partner Augmented Input (PAI) DVD.

Targeted Audience: Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Augmentative/Alternative Communication Specialists, Special Education Teachers

NOTE: There is a limit of 40 participants, so early registration is recommended. Registration will open in July.

This event will provide 7 continuing education hours. Application has been made to ASHA for approval of .7 CE.

ACE Award Listing

October - December 2016

During this period, the following ASHA Minnesota members and/or certificate holders were presented the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) by the Continuing Education Board. The ACE is a formal recognition of professionals who have demonstrated their commitment to lifelong learning by earning 7.0 CEUs (70 contact hours) within a 36-month period.

Awardee Name Award Presented Awardee City
Mallory Ake October 2016 St. Paul
Kaye Baumgardner October 2016 Plymouth
Laura Brandt October 2016 Waseca
Joseph Duffy November 2016 Rochester
Carol Hassebroek October 2016 St. Louis Park
Anne Lindgren November 2016 Maple Grove
Cheryl Andrea Mansell December 2016 Duluth
Kaitlin McDaniel November 2016 Excelsior
Jocelyn Mogren November 2016 Bloomington
Kimberly Motschenbacher November 2016 Brainerd
Kari Palmer October 2016 Shorewood
Monica Putt October 2016 Minneapolis
Wendy Reinhardt December 2016 Plymouth
Lindsay Rigelman December 2016 Byron
Joanne Ring November 2016 Eagan
Deborah Ruskell October 2016 Burnsville
Tressa Schendel October 2016 Minneapolis
Michelle Marie Schierts December 2016 Vadnais Heights
Susan Spieker October 2016 Raymond
Janet Tilstra November 2016 Sartell
Kendra Witte-Robinson November 2016 Virginia
Amanda Wolfe November 2016 Eden Prairie

Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

Scholarship Recipients for 2017

The Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation is pleased to announce the three recipients of $2500 scholarships for the 2017-18 academic year. We offer our congratulations to these fine students and wish them success as they pursue graduate degrees in audiology and speech-language pathology. To all of the excellent candidates who applied, we are proud that our professions attract such outstanding individuals, and it is our pleasure to provide them each with one year of student membership in the Minnesota Speech-Language Hearing Association. We wish to thank the MSHF Scholarship Committee for all of their hard work: Pat Broen, Laura Doty, Carol Henderson, and Cindy Vachon. We also want to express our sincere appreciation to all the MSHA members whose generous contributions to the Foundation have made these scholarships possible.

Amanda Rumpca: Winner of the Sandi Irwin Scholarship
Amanda earned her BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders, with a minor in Spanish, from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders at St. Cloud State University. Amanda has had an extremely successful and diverse academic and clinical career, ranging from work at a bilingual preschool to leading rehabilitation groups for aphasia patients. Upon completion of her degree, Amanda sees herself working in a medical setting, rehabilitation center, or private clinic, and eventually completing her PhD. Amanda’s references describe her as focused, determined, and intellectually curious. The Foundation offers Amanda our sincere congratulations and best wishes for the future!

Kellie Metzger
Kellie is currently completing a Bachelor’s degree at Minnesota State University - Mankato, with a double major in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Spanish. Upon completing her degree, Kellie will pursue a Master's in Speech-Language Pathology at either the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, or MSU Mankato; she has been accepted to both programs. Her interest in speech-language pathology was sparked by her undergraduate research as well as experience providing speech-language services to children in Belize. She hopes to work at a children's therapy clinic or hospital in an area with a large Spanish-speaking population. Kellie’s references describe her as an engaged, motivated and intellectually driven student with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. There is no doubt that Kellie will make great contributions to our field! The Foundation wishes her well in her endeavors and is proud to support her!

Jade Mussehl
Jade earned her BS in Communication Disorders from Minnesota State University - Mankato. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Communication Disorders, with a focus on Speech-Language Pathology from the same institution. Jade’s enthusiasm for her chosen field stems from a desire to help others recognize what they are capable of. Jade is interested in working with adults in a medical setting after she finishes her studies. She would also like to pursue her PhD, after gaining some wok experience. Jade’s references describe her as a very responsible, mature, and diligent student and clinician with excellent clinical skills and a well-developed sense of professionalism. The Foundation is thrilled to be able to offer our support to Jade and wishes her well in her career!

Client Recognition: Sherry McVary

Nominated by: Emily Aust

I have known Mrs. McVary since my time in graduate school for Speech-Language Pathology. I first met her the summer of 2005 during my sherry mcvarypracticum experience with the MN Stroke Association Richfield Conversation Group. Mrs. McVary was already a few years post-stroke in 2005. That particular summer, Mrs. McVary wanted to work on her writing skills, as since her stroke, she struggled with even signing her name. She loved to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events by sending greeting cards, and since her stroke, she had been unable to do so independently. That summer, she was encouraged to continue to work on this skill; by the end of the summer she had signed and sent her first birthday card to a loved one! Mrs. McVary now is sending cards for all special occasions for those she loves. She is no longer just signing her name, but will also write a message, such as “Have a good day on you birthday day,” as she wrote to my son on his 5th birthday his past summer.

Mrs. McVary is also a strong supporter of graduate students in our field. She welcomes them to the group each session and sends off each with a small gift as they move on their next practicum experience. During our first session in the summer of 2005, she told all of the graduate interns, with tears in her eyes, how blessed she was to be working with us because she enjoyed teaching us about stroke recovery and being a part of our journey through school. Each session, she will tell each student how valuable they are to her, and how she keeps coming to the groups because of them. Mrs. McVary has made the conversation group a priority in her life as she strives to be in attendance at each meeting, provides encouragement to others during the group on their journeys, and provides insight to the graduate students as they develop their clinical skills. She and her husband also participate in events through the Stroke Association, and now MNCaN, such as the Strike Out Stroke and Strides for Stroke to help promote awareness of stroke education and raise money to support for funding and research.

sherry mcvaryWhen I reflect on Mrs. McVary’s own personal journey through her recovery, there are two examples of her perseverance and dedication to her recovery that truly show her nature and generous heart. During that first summer when I met her, a conversation topic in our group was hobbies. Many of the members reflected on hobbies that they once had but now no longer were able to enjoy since their stroke. Mrs. McVary shared with us how she enjoyed knitting but struggled now to complete simple knitting tasks. Through encouragement from the other members and the support of this group, she began knitting again. Seven years later, Mrs. McVary gifted me with the beautiful blue blanket she had made for my son, which is still a very treasured gift in our home.

My second example of her perseverance relates directly to her dedication to regaining to her communication and written expression skills. As I mentioned earlier, Sherry values sending greeting cards to loved ones to mark special occasions and enjoys sending messages. Several years ago, I opened Facebook to find that I had a new friend request — Sherry McVary! She is now active on Facebook and will send birthday wishes, comment on pictures or sending encouraging words! From 12 years ago, when Sherry was struggling to sign her own name, to now as she navigates and interacts with written language with others on Facebook, she truly has made tremendous gains, not only in her written expression skills, but also participating in life in a meaningful way that brings her joy!

2017 Spirit of MSHA Award: Nancy Thul

nancy thulThe Spirit of MSHA Award recognizes a member who inspires others through service to MSHA and the professions. This year’s award recipient is Nancy Thul.

Nancy Thul is a speech-language pathologist with clinical experience in educational and medical settings. Nancy is well-versed in issues related to the SLP shortage. In the true spirit of MSHA, Nancy did not rest with that knowledge. She took action to address the shortage through her work to establish speech-language pathology assistants as paraprofessionals in the state of Minnesota.

Nancy is the program director and instructor of the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant program at Alexandria Technical College. Nancy established this program; she designed the curriculum; she built SLP assistant internships in various settings; and she currently teaches courses in the program.

Nancy also created an online continuing education course on supervision for speech-language pathologists who will work with SLP assistants. This course allows speech-language pathologists easy access to the state-required 10 hours of continuing education that are needed before supervising an SLP assistant.

Nancy has expanded our understanding of the benefits of SLP assistants and how we might work together to serve our clients and minimize the shortage. On numerous occasions, Nancy has presented to us at MSHA. She has met with superintendents, principals, and special educators across the state; and she has talked with future SLPs on college campuses about working with SLP assistants. Nancy also has responded to countless emails and phone calls regarding the work of SLP assistants, always patient and supportive in her comments.

Nancy has worked tirelessly for SLP assistant licensure in Minnesota, as this provides protections for consumers, professionals and paraprofessionals. Working with the MSHA Legislative Steering Committee and lobbyist, Nancy met with MDH and MDE representatives as well as MN legislators, to provide education about SLP and SLP assistants, and to garner support for a licensing bill.

Most recently, Nancy is working to recruit people from diverse backgrounds to the fields of SLP and SLPA. As part of an ad hoc committee through MSHA’s Multicultural Affairs, Nancy and fellow committee members are seeking ASHA grant funding for developing materials to distribute at educational leadership conferences and to connect with people who may be interested in pursuing careers as speech-language pathologists or as speech-language pathology assistants.

In the words of her colleagues, Nancy’s positive demeanor and indefatigable efforts have benefitted MSHA and the people we serve. Nancy inspires us. She embodies the spirit of MSHA.

Therefore, let it be known on this day, Friday, April 7, 2017, that Nancy Thul is bestowed the Spirit of MSHA award.

Honors of the Association: Don MacLennan

Whereas, he serves as Chief of the Speech Pathology Section for the Minneapolis VA Health care system and has been an instrumental force in the clinical care of military service members and veterans with communication disorders for decades; and

Whereas, he has been recognized for his clinical excellence and expertise by being awarded the Rick L. Bollinger Clinician of the Year award in 2008 for his work with veterans experiencing blast injury and polytrauma; and

Whereas, he has provided outstanding leadership in the translation of research into clinical care for veterans with communication disorders due to combat-related mild TBI, through his publications and numerous presentations at ASHA, MSHA and VA conferences; and

Whereas, he has served as a consultant to the Department of Defense and was instrumental to the development of the Clinician’s Guide to Cognitive Rehabilitation in Mild TBI: Application in Military Service Members and Veterans, soon to be posted on ASHA’s website for all clinicians to access; and

Whereas, he regularly contributes to the development of future speech language pathologists by coordinating the training of students and clinical fellows at the Minneapolis VA Healthcare system; and

Whereas, he embodies all that MSHA represents locally, across the state and in the nation.

Therefore, be it known that on this Friday the 7th of April, 2017, the MSHA Honors of the Association are bestowed upon Don MacLennan.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Bonnie Berg

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual for outstanding contributions to the profession in clinical service, education and/or research. This year’s lifetime achievement award recipient is Dr. Bonnie Berg.

bonnie bergDr. Berg is a dedicated clinician, clinical supervisor, professor, mentor, and researcher. She has excelled in her ability to manage these multiple roles over her 40-year career.

Dr. Berg currently serves as the department chair at Minnesota State University-Mankato where she provides the department guidance, leadership, support and energy to continue to build and improve the program. She is also involved in the curriculum and IRB committees at MSU. Her energy around leading the MSHA convention poster sessions in 2008 has increased the number of posters presented at each convention and that we continue to enjoy at each convention.

Dr. Berg has provided excellent clinical supervision during her years at MSU-Mankato. She is able to recognize both her students’ strengths and areas of improvement, and communicate this in a way that is constructive for her students. Her student mentoring is often “above and beyond” her classroom activities, as she supports and guides students through their research and their presentations at regional and national conferences.

Dr. Berg’s nominators spoke highly of her genuine care and concern for her students, as well as her commitment to our professions through her mentoring, research, and service. Her nominators stated the following:

  • “There is no finer colleague than Dr. Berg. She is bright, affable, and kind.”

  • “From the beginning of her time at MSU-Mankato, students shared with me their awe regarding the depth of her knowledge and her interactive teaching style.”

  • “Dr. Berg is an excellent writer and editor. In our collaborations, she was a full partner, writing original sections and providing thoughtful overall editing throughout the process.”

  • “Dr. Berg thrives in a university setting where she is able to mentor students, faculty members, and contribute to our greater community of SLPs in Minnesota.”

  • “It is clear that Dr. Berg has left a distinctive and lasting mark on her profession. Her many accomplishments truly 'take a lifetime', and I can think of no one more worthy of a so-named award.”

Because this MSHA member has made substantial contributions to all aspects of our profession, we are delighted to bestow the lifetime achievement award to Dr. Bonnie Berg.

Client Recognition Award: Isaac Kolstad

This award is given to a client who has shown courage in seeking treatment, commitment to the therapy process, and who has achieved significant improvements in communication through partnership with clinicians. I would like to present this award to Isaac Kolstad, a client at the Center for Communication Sciences and Disorders at Minnesota State University - Mankato. A few years ago, Isaac experienced a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Since then, he has overcome difficulties in many areas of our field, including dysphagia, motor speech, language, and cognition. Isaac is an incredibly dedicated, hardworking, and motivated individual. His positive outlook on life and determination shine through in every session.

Patients, Doctors Gather for Flash Mob to Showcase New Voices

Check out the video on KARE 11.

MSHFoundation Donations Gratefully Received

Eleanor Swanson
Sticha Family Charitable Fund

In honor of Eleanor Swanson's Birthday
Sandy Irwin

In memory of Auntie Flo
Sandy Irwin

In memory of Cindy Vachon's father
Sandy Irwin

In memory of Jim Dahlquist
Sandy Irwin

In memory of Gene Schultz, father of Gabrielle Pyan
Mankato Area Public School Speech Clinicians
Sandy Ewel
Anica Myhr
Kelly Hokeness
Kimberly Smith
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Jennifer Kroom
In honor of Sandy Irwin
Karlind Moller
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Richard Olsen
Pat Broen
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Connie Hinnerichs

Welcome, New Members

Thank you to the following MSHA Friendly Employers:

  • Associated Speech & Language Specialists
  • Family Speech & Therapy Services, LLC

Learn more about becoming a MSHA Friendly Employer here.

Welcome new members!

  • Sarah S. Anderson, Region D
  • Annie Brecht, Region F
  • Amanda Fitzgerald, Region E
  • Kris Geifer, Region F
  • Katelyn Hanek, Region A
  • Jessica Hanley, Region D
  • Rebecca Hanson, Region GE
  • Benna Hoisington, Region F
  • Angelica-Louise Lapus, Region F
  • Elyse Lyon, Region GW
  • Jenni McDonald, Region F
  • Kelsey Otto, Region F
  • Jill Petersen, Region F
  • Alyssa Stecker, Region F
  • Mary Stuvland, Region D
  • Jessica Vietor, Region GW

The Minnesota Speech Language Hearing Foundation Needs Your Help!

MSHA Foundation logo

The foundation is looking for new members. Please consider helping the foundation in its mission to provide public service and education about the importance of speech, language, and hearing and to provide scholarships to outstanding graduate students from our graduate programs in the State of Minnesota.

If you are interested, please contact Judith Gelderman at

Change in Association Management

Effective June 1, 2017 the Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA) will change our Association Management Company to Craven Management Associates. To change from our current company was a challenging decision, and a process that has taken since November for a committee of members to look into a variety of options and interview potential companies in determining what would be best for MSHA. Craven is the management company for a number of state speech-language associations, in addition to other nonprofit organizations. With that experience they also bring the opportunity for MSHA to be the most financially viable possible, potentially develop exhibitor and company sponsorship opportunities, grow our membership, and utilize their awareness of what other associations are doing to help MSHA be the best organization for speech-language pathologists and audiologists in Minnesota.

Please note that the new physical address for MSHA will be in Pittsburgh because that is where Craven is located. Any phone calls you get from them will be from a 412 area code. This will not make a noticeable impact on how the organization interacts with you, our members. There will be a direct phone line from which our assigned association manager will respond to you within 48 hours of your call (if not immediately). The website and web address will remain the same.

It is with the utmost consideration for making the best use of your hard-earned and paid membership dues, and with wanting to advocate at the pinnacle of professionalism while bringing professional development and awareness to all of you, that we move forward on our strategic planning for MSHA in partnership with Craven Management Associates.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Cindy McInroy

From the SLP-AC and A-AC

The ASHA Board of Directors established the “vehicle” for communication and state outreach through the Advisory Council (AC) Positions. Currently, Minnesota’s SLP-AC representative is Anne Lindgren, MA, CCC-SLP and the Audiology-AC representative is Sarah Angerman, PhD, CCC-A.

It was our distinct privilege to attend and represent Minnesota at the ASHA Capitol Hill Day and AC meetings on March 24-27, 2017 in Washington, DC. The focus and purpose of our time in DC was, first and foremost, to learn more about ASHA’s Public Policy Agenda and communicate that agenda to our elected officials from Minnesota in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. We spent Friday, March 25, on Capitol Hill meeting with staffers for Sen. Klobuchar and Sen. Franken, as well as Rep. Paulsen's and Rep. Ellison’s offices. Our messages were strategic and targeted the platform outlined and researched by ASHA. (For your information and interest, these areas are available for you to learn more about on ASHA’s website at: Our representatives expressed heightened attention regarding Over the Counter (OTC) hearing aids, Hearing Aid Tax Credits, and Medicare Therapy Caps. These are areas “expressed in” bills that were under consideration at that time.

Other advocacy topics discussed that are critical to our professional interests included: IDEA full funding for special education, concern for Medicaid (MA in Minnesota) “restructuring” to states that could impact educational funding streams for our student/clients, graduate student loan debt and forgiveness, ASD service determination and provision and other chronic concerns for SLPs and AUDs.

You are encouraged to seek ASHA Governmental Relations resources and public policy perspectives on the ASHA website as well as participate in ASHA’s Take Action initiatives to flex our collective muscle on issues critical to our practices. If you have any questions or just like to talk policy ;-) please feel free to contact Sarah ( or Anne ( It is a pleasure to serve all of our colleagues in Minnesota.

Job Well Done

By Judy Gelderman, MSHA VP for Professional Development

I wish to shout out a job well done to co-chairs Hsinhuei Sheen Chiou and Megan Mahowald, and the rest of the 2017 Spring Convention committee members for putting together an excellent convention. There were 293 registered attendees this year. A huge thank you to our 2017 sponsors: Strategic Staffing Solutions (Gold sponsor), Talk to Me Technologies (Silver sponsor), Lindamood-Bell (Bronze sponsor), Family Speech & Therapy Services, Mankato Area Public Schools, Bloomington Public Schools (Ultimate Employers). Thanks also to our exhibitors AbleNet, Aegis Therapies, Chatterbox Books, Inc, Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, Prentke Romich Company, Northern Speech Services, SWWC Service Cooperative, Talk It Rock It, and Usborne Books & More. MSHA is grateful for your support in helping us to Explore Possibilities.

The 2018 Spring Convention is at the Hyatt Regency in Bloomington, MN April 13-14. We need volunteers for the convention committee. Please contact MSHA if you are willing to be on next year’s convention committee.

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